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University - College Scheduling

Kelly Weller MA, LP Professor
Emergency Medical Services Program

Lone Star College
Houston, TX

You guys are my heroes! I can’t say enough good things about this program and your support. My dean has been pretty impressed with the way the program has worked for our department. Our IT department was really the nay-sayers when they found out that support was through email only, but every time... no matter what… you guys have been super fast and wow… it’s just awesome.  Every day I get excited because I find another bell or whistle feature that I didn’t realize was there. One thing that I want to tell you: we have people in our department that are just not technological, they can use power point, but that’s about it. I gave them a log in so they could see their students’ schedules, and they were up and running in less than 5 minutes. Wow!
Parks & Rec
Supported Living
Hospitality Valet
Christopher Ravard
Operations Manager,
Transportation Services
University of Southern California
When2work has become one of my most powerful “best practices.” It has enabled me to effortlessly balance my staffing needs to a higher degree of cost-effectiveness and productivity. The flexible scheduling application is a pleasure for everyone to use. It provides me the control that I need to instantly address and communicate my staffing needs.
The clearly written and easy to understand help and instructions section has been able to answer my every question. And when I had a billing question, their customer support representatives responded to me within minutes with a helpful and accurate solution. I only wish that all of my other business systems were as equally easy-to-use and effective. Great job! WhenToWork and as we like to say, Fight on! 

Josh Bishe
CRSS Senior Program Director

employee scheduling software reviews by customersBall State University
Office of Recreation Services
Muncie, IN

With around 400 employees at any one given time, it is a daunting task to schedule everyone in a efficient and timely manner. In the past we scheduled using a simple excel document and required to have a physical sub book that has been replaced with whentowork.com. We will never go back to the old ways.

Arin Bennett
Digital Media Lab

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

WhenToWork has helped our department dramatically. No longer are we spending the first two weeks of every semester making and recreating student workers' schedules every time a student's schedule changes. We also love that the trade/cover system eliminates the nightly influx of emails from students asking each other for cover. Everything is now automated! Customer service is top notch to boot!"

Kristi Evans
Assistant Director

Webster University
IT Information Services
St. Louis, MO

Webster University Help Desk has used WhenToWork for over two years now. WhenToWork not only saves myself and my staff many hours a week it allows me to run ad hoc reports to support my business needs. It has also enabled us to track staffing over time, display our schedules in different ways to suit different needs and provides a robust communication system as well. My staff of mainly student workers like the easy to use interface and my managers like the versatility. WhenToWork was just what we were looking for and its low cost and hosted service are an added bonus.

A Dreamer, MA
Interpreter Senior/Scheduler

Santa Rosa Jr College
Disability Resources Dpt www.santarosa.edu

Wow. The WhenToWork scheduling software has been nothing short of magnificent when it comes to the needs of our college. I got the WhenToWork recommendation from a colleague at another college and gave the program a try. I was a little nervous about the "email support" instead of phone coverage when it comes to troubleshooting. Fortunately, W2W has always responded promptly to any support questions I've sent them. Their email answers include screen shots and clearly defined steps to resolve the problem. I sent in a suggestion for an update of the program and saw it implemented less than a month later. The change really helped the program fit the needs of our college. I've always found the support team responsive and helpful. WhenToWork makes my job much easier. You guys ROCK! Thanks so much."

University Dining
I would just like to say thank you for the wonderful service that you provide.
Since I’ve applied it at my place of business, I’ve saved myself 2-3 hours PER WEEK! It’s such a success that all of my fellow managers are in the process of converting all of their scheduling to When2Work. The product speaks for itself. I thank you also for your level of service. Inquiries are answered quickly, professionally and thoroughly. I would recommend W2W to anyone!”

EMS - Ambulance Services - EMT Scheduling

Beth Jones
System & Staff Support Captain

Williamson County EMS
Georgetown, Texas

WhenToWork is a powerful scheduling program for a incredibly affordable price. Williamson County EMS is a rapidly growing & progressive 911 system. We cover 1,134 sq. miles, have 15 EMS stations & 100+ full time Paramedics. WhenToWork made the transition from paper scheduling to electronic scheduling simple. Customer service & support is outstanding. One of the many benefits to our Paramedics is internet access to their schedule from any location anytime day or night. Command staff has access to employee contact information while in the field. WhenToWork allows our system to keep up with scheduling in an ever changing environment."

Joshua Hans BS

SeniorCare EMS
Bronx, NY

We face a tremendous challenge every day at SeniorCare EMS to maintain our ever growing and changing schedule. We have a staff of 350 employees who all have individual job needs due to their own personal family and school schedules. WhenToWork has helped us allow our employees flexibility with their schedule, ease of communication with management and other staff, and ease of covering shifts. We constantly are asking to staff special events and special transports at the last minute. WhenToWork is ideal for helping us reach out to our staff and staff these events rapidly. The support staff at WhenToWork has been very quick to answer any of our concerns or questions. We look forward to continuing to grow with WhenToWork!"

R.L. Hunter

Clear Lake Emergency Medical Corps
Webster, TX

When To Work has allowed us an easy way to page out our dive team during emergency responses. We have used pagers in the past, but the functionality of the message system of When To Work has allowed us to page out via text to phones and is very user friendly for our dispatchers to page out the dive team and give updates to us as we respond. Thank you When To Work."

Chris Stawasz
Executive Director

Rockingham Regional Ambulance, Inc.
Nashua, NH

As New Hampshire's largest 9-1-1 ambulance service our experience with WhenToWork has been nothing short of excellent. We cannot even imagine how we got along without it! With nearly 200 employees operating out of 3 sites the advantages of internet scheduling are tremendous. The flexibility for employees is great as are the accountability controls of who has viewed and accepted their schedules. We love it!"

Fred Anthony

Pickens County EMS
Pickens County, SC

Covering slots for an Emergency Medical Service is a HUGE headache...your system has taken the headaches away. This program has been a tremendous help to our service.  Every EMS could benefit from it. Filling vacancies has never been this easy. Part-time folks "take" available slots almost as they are posted. No more phone calls. No more post-its on the board."

Scott Levine, Paramedic - Atlantic Ambulance and Owner:

Basking Ridge, NJ

I am a paramedic for Atlantic Ambulance. This is a second career for me. My first career is that of a television director and the TV business is quite dynamic. A show for tomorrow or next week can come up at a moment’s notice (and go away as quickly). The melding of these two vastly different occupations DEMANDS FLEXIBILITY. With When2Work, no matter when or where in the world I am, I can quickly add or drop shifts as the need arises. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I could handle both careers without this invaluable tool. BRAVO W2W!!!!!"

Gary A. Dalton, Operations Manager

Valley Medical Transport
Winchester, VA

We, at Valley Medical Transport, had struggled for so long with paper schedules and the endless changes that managing shifts for over 150 employees. WhenToWork allows us to post changes in real time, notifies our employees of those changes and keeps our managers informed of vacation requests, shift openings and much more. Our training division utilizes WhenToWork to notify employees of course announcements, policy changes / additions and general information. Our dispatch staff has the schedule at their “fingertips” which means better planning for pre-scheduled transports and better utilization of crews.
The support staff at WhenToWork responds to our inquiries within minutes of requests and always assures we have instructions on how to best utilize all the attributes of WhenToWork. We would recommend WhenToWork as the most cost effective internet based scheduling service you can find!"

Theatre / Ticketing Scheduling

Jeffrey Rega
Customer Service Manager


New York, NY

I have been using When2Work for over a year now and I can’t even begin to list all of the ways it’s made our lives easier. Not only does it save me time & energy when creating a schedule, it gives the staff the perfect amount of freedom to trade, pick-up, offer shifts to others & set their conflicts in clear & simple ways. As our department continues to grow, When2Work makes that transition work go much more smoothly than any other scheduling method we’ve ever tried.”

Ray York
Volunteer Coordinator

The Lyric Theatre
Blacksburg, VA

Our volunteers love the ability to see where volunteers are needed and sign up online without coming to the theater. They find it easy to use and far more convenient than the previous system. Since using this system the filling of slots has improved dramatically over the old paper calendar."

Volunteer Scheduling

Jeni Jackson
Scheduling Coordinator, Public Programs

Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library
Winterthur, DE

We use W2W to schedule both Part-Time and Volunteer Interpreters as well as Volunteer Greeters and other Volunteer Staff. Our employees have many different levels of computer skills so it was important to find a system that would be easy to navigate. Most of our staff became proficient in just a few weeks!
We often need to call extra staff in at the last minute, and W2W makes that easy to do. We post shifts, and they are picked up within a matter of hours. Our employees love the ability to post a shift and check on the status of a possible trade at any time.  W2W allows me to schedule Part-Time staff according to their requirements, but to allow Volunteers to choose their shifts, offering the flexibility we offer for Volunteers. Having Part-Time staff take the responsibility to enter their own availability has allowed me to work more efficiently and given them the opportunity to be proactive with their scheduling needs. The staff at W2W quickly replies to any questions or issues and have often given suggestions that make things even easier."

William Audette

Keizer CERT efforts on ABC
"Extreme Makeover" project Keizer, OR

Your tool helped Keizer CERT setup and organize volunteers from start to shifts covered and attended within six hours with 24/7 rotating coverage.  We were able to define roles and responsibilities, email invitations, and pertinent updates on our ever evolving volunteer workplace. This was remarkable because out of the 1000s qualified volunteers we had to organize many of them had limited to no computer skills and various forms of contact ranging from pagers, cell phones, to emails. They can trade shifts for what they are qualified to work for and ask for time off with minimal intervention from volunteer staff.  It was a huge time saver and exactly what I was looking for, I can access scheduling information right from my phone where ever I am at on the job site and so can the volunteers. Emergency Services personnel would do well to find a tool like this one to manage emergent volunteers scheduling."

Sports Center Scheduling

Dennis Hoffman, CIO, PMP
It’s All In The Game
We wouldn’t have a business without the capability of When to Work. It’s All In The Game, an industry leading facility, a one-stop for sports activity, specifically baseball, requires being able to manage a constantly changing staff of 30 to 60 employees at all times. When to Work continues to be the best tool we have onboard to control a continuously changing staffing model. We have full-time, part-time, coaches, trainers and multiple locations. Thank you for your support.”

Sandra Levin

Orbit Skate Center
Palatine, IL

I have told so many skate rink owners about the program, it has helped me get a handle on scheduling, which is a particular nightmare for rinks due to the fact we have crazy hours and lots of employees that generally work other jobs as well….Thanks again for a great product. We love WhenToWork! ”

Jatty Kline

Sittler Golf Center
Kutztown, PA

I have demoed two other web based scheduling programs and when I tried whentowork.com I was so impressed I signed up for a year even before my expiration of my demo. Your program is very user friendly and easy to use. I love the features. ...It is rare to find this much efficiency in the software/web industry! I will certainly pass along and recommend your services!"

Amusement Park Scheduling

Gary Larson
IT Department Manager

Lagoon Corporation

We are an amusement park with a large number of seasonal employees. Scheduling these employees for the various departments has always been a challenge that has taken department managers many hours each week. Year ago our software staff programmed a scheduling system that we used for quite some time. It was never a great solution and we constantly had to fix it or change it. Switching to WhenToWork has made things so much easier. We began by trying it out with one of our departments with about 400 employees. It worked so well one by one we have added more departments. We currently have 1,512 employees on the system in five of our major departments and we anticipate adding more. We also are very impressed with the customer support. Each time we have some issue or problem and have contacted the staff at WhenToWork they have always responded right back and have been able to resolve our problems. Very refreshing in this day and age when great customer support seems to be dying out. Thank you"

Retail Store Scheduling

Rami Rustom

Wireless Express
Peoria, Illinois

We implemented W2W at one of our 5 sites about 2 years ago, and have just finished rolling out to the remaining 4 sites about 2 months ago. Since I am the manager of all 5 sites, and travel to all sites at various times, it was difficult for me to know who was where in a timely manner. By having W2W – I can always know who is working where and who I need to contact for whatever reason.
My dealings with the support staff at W2W has been great. They are very efficient, effective and answer me/solve issues in a timely manner. Excellent customer service! Keep up the good work.."

Davidus Cigars
Olney, Maryland

I just want to say what a great service you provide. It has made my job more productive."

Hospital / Medical Center Scheduling

Charlene, Manager Radiology Operations
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, New Hampshire

I have been using the WhenToWork Scheduling system for about a year now. The ease of use is amazing. The customer support is also quick and knowledgeable with responding to any questions or concerns. I would and have recommended this system to others, as a matter of fact I was granted a free month for referring a friend! Thank you when to work, you have made my job much easier."

Pamela Matheson
Mgr. Registration & Patient Scheduling Rural Site Supervisor for Business Systems

Grey Bruce Health Services
Markdale, Meaford, Southampton, Wiarton & Owen Sound

I am amazed at...well everything about WhenToWork; the level of customer service, the intuitive glitchless software...the standard for software companies has definitely increased dramatically... replies within minutes rather than days, solutions to my odd requests within hours rather than weeks. I know software and WhenToWork is on par with companies like Google. Google is great. And WhenToWork feels like Google."

Joseph J. Davis, EMS Director
[RooseveltSt. Luke's - Roosevelt Hospital
New York, New York
The program is terrific. It has made a dramatic impact on how we do scheduling."

Seasonal Operations Scheduling

Susan Chicovsky

Green Mountain Harvest, LLC www.greenmountainharvest.com

Whentowork has simplified my life and busy schedule. The cost is extremely reasonable. The tech support surpasses any company I have ever worked with. I have between 2 and 5 jobs out daily. When to work makes this easy with color coding each job. I know at a glance where my employees and jobs are. I save about 8 hours a week with this system. My employees love it because it's easy to read and easy for them to access. My managers love it because they are constantly informed about who is on their job, who cancels and who is added to fill that slot. I so appreciate all the items made available to my company: easy employee messaging, shift changes, accessing my managers, employee history and so much more. This is the best scheduling system available and allows me more time than I have ever had with scheduling. Thanks so much, I am so grateful. "

Amanda Baker

Brookdale Farm
Virginia Beach & Chesapeake, Virginia

We are a small family farm and I had been scheduling our clerks, field trip staff, and field workers on Excel for years. So many headaches and stress! I was encouraged to try an online service; When to Work is just what we needed! It saves money because it saves hours of me being paid attempting to do the schedules. I am NOT computer-savvy, but When to Work is an extremely intuitive service that even people like me can use with ease! Our employees love it too, and it has virtually eliminated scheduling stress for our entire operation. If I ever need help, I get an immediate response from the support staff. When to Work cannot be beat! "

Bill Wickham, President

Wickham Farms
Penfield, New York

Our seasonal staff is made up of mostly high school & college students. Until we started using WhenToWork two years ago, I would spend hours each week on a work schedule only to find that their availability had changed in the meantime. The real time employee availability “drop downs” eliminate that issue entirely. A task that used to be time consuming and frustrating is now quick and easy. The shift trade board also allows me to transfer the responsibility for finding shift coverage to my staff while maintaining control over final changes.
This product was developed with the user in mind. It’s easy to use and functional from both a staff and management perspective. If you dread scheduling and value your time, you should try WhenToWork. It’s a great tool at an affordable price!"

Kay Hollabaugh
Retail Market & Office Manager

Hollabaugh Bros., Inc.
Fruit Farm & Market
Biglerville, Pennsylvania

In a day when customer service seems like a lost art, I cannot say enough positively about the folks at When to Work. Although not a computer idiot, I'm far from a highly skilled technological person. At no time did I feel that my questions were stupid, nor did I wait for more than an hour for an answer. Our business is highly seasonal and goes from needing 6 or 7 folks in one month to 20 to 25 in another. Although I'm still learning the ropes, I am quickly becoming a believer in When to Work! Thank you so much for a great system that works AND for great people to help answer the questions! Five stars for When to Work!!!"

Services Scheduling

Robert Gold, President

Professional Bartending
Services, Inc.

Thank you and your wonderful staff at When to Work for enabling us at PBS to grow and manage our unique Food & Beverage Staffing Company. We are the premier Food & Beverage Staffing Company in the Baltimore / Washington metro area. Our expert staff put us in a class by ourselves, but there is no way we’d be able to go into this fall ’08 season with 500 staff members to work approximately 1000 events without the help of W2W. Thank you for all you and your staff have done, W2W is the ideal fit for the way we run our business. Please keep up the great work; it is nice to know we are working with a company that is innovative."

Dodi Yoder
Sylvan Learning Center #2317
Saginaw, Michigan
Juggling a staff of around 30 employees whose availability plus our need for them changed not only weekly, but often daily was a difficult task. One of my administrative assistants used to have to phone everyone every Friday and then again during the week as things changed daily, but often messages were not received in time. It was a big headache. With WhenToWork.com employees have instant e-mail of any changes we make and can check schedules easily online. Even at home I can get messages about their need to change work times or request time off so I know before I get to work the next morning. I love the convenience and the time it saves us!"

Emily M. Ohland

Uniquely Yours
Pottery & Glass
Lafayette, Indiana

My favorite feature is that after the initial set-up I only have to spend 10 minutes or so doing a weekly schedule. I was spending up to 5-6 hrs every month doing this manually...this is WONDERFUL and affordable for small businesses. Thank you!!!"

Veterinary Services

Billie Fisher
Hospital Manager

Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center
Waukesha . Grafton . Racine, www.wvrc.com

WVRC (Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center) is a Veterinary Emergency and Specialty facility servicing the Midwest. Due to the 24-hour nature of our business, multiple locations, and the many types of services we provide, our staffing needs are complex.
WhenToWork has allowed us to address the variations in the work schedules for all of our employees and customize the schedules for each tier of employee. Managers can post schedules months in advance, make changes to the schedule as needed, and communicate these changes to the staff in real time. Since the program is available to anyone who has an internet connection, employees have access to their schedule from anywhere.
Time off requests, Shift Trades, and other scheduling considerations are easy using the features in WhenToWork. The Message Board is also a helpful tool that allows the Management Team to communicate hospital-wide information and deliver it to the employee's home email address.
WhenToWork has made what was once a complex scheduling nightmare into a consistent workable solution. Thank you! "

Technician Scheduling

Michael Simms, Manager

ParaSun Technologies
British Columbia, Canada

Dear WhenToWork Team: I want to congratulate you on producing such a great product. We have cut our scheduling time costs by 80% and our employees are very happy with the flexibility you have allowed us to implement with shift swaps and time off requests.
My supervisor team also tell me how responsive you are to new development requests. Some minor changes often being implemented in days. Thanks."

Tony Farah
Chief Operating Officer

Global Transcription Network
Arlington, TX 

When-To-Work has streamlined the management of our employee schedules and communication to departments and groups within our company. We have about 30 employees all working remotely from all over the country, and I don’t know how we managed without When-To-Work  in the past. If I ever have a question, the customer service is always prompt, knowledgeable, and very helpful. That is rare to see in a service company these days. When-To-Work is extremely easy to use allowing me as the COO to delegate time management to direct employee supervisors without a difficult learning curve which saves our company time and money. The administrative tools give me a high-level view of everything that is happening. We find new ways to use this great product all the time. We have discovered that it is much more than just an online schedule. Great product, great service, great price… can’t beat it! We will never go anywhere else."

Pharmacy Scheduling

Employee Scheduler

PharMerica LogoPharmerica
San Diego, CA

WhenToWork is a great program for scheduling. Prior to my (first) retirement as a counselor, I was responsible for scheduling 1200 students each year. I wish I could have used this program for that task! Now I am working part-time as scheduler for Pharmerica San Diego and am very pleased not only with the effectiveness of the scheduling program but of the guidance and support I have received from the WhenToWork team. After using the program for the free trial, I went to the general manager and we purchased the year outright because the program is easy to learn, easy to work with and adaptable to the needs of our company and employees.
I would highly recommend WhenToWork to anyone researching a scheduling program that can be accessed and operated with ease and provides a variety of functions and capabilities. Coupled with the immediate response by the support team for clarification or questions concerning operation, it is a package deal that cannot be beat!"

Food Services Scheduling

Mo Rezaiyan
Subway Franchisee
Portland, Oregon
You, at When-to-Work made my life so easy and I wish I had known about you ever since you started. My staff, my manager and myself have enjoyed utilizing your software.
Even though there is no help available by telephone, every time I send you an e-mail with my questions or concerns I get the response within minutes and I believe I wait much less than being put on hold when I make calls to many help desks.

Stacey Gibson
Owner, Operator
Gibson Subway Enterprises
Just wanted to let you guys know that you are great! I own 5 Subway sandwich locations in Oregon and have been using you for over a year. My employees love you as well, so much so that when they leave to other jobs they tell their new employers to contact me for your info. Great Job!"

Eric Bussell
Owner and Operator

Ice Cream Fanatics, Inc
Cold Stone Creamery Franchisee
Champaign, IL

At Cold Stone we have more than 40 employees who use this tool to submit their availability, preferences and requests for time off. This is a user-friendly application that eliminates most schedule headaches by keeping everything documented, centrally organized and accurate. The crew members at the store love it because they access their schedule from any internet connection, check their schedules online and can even trade shifts online with little effort. The advanced tools allow me to perform budget analysis on labor and quickly make adjustments to the schedule if necessary. It’s been a lifesaver by decreasing my scheduling time by 400% and is easily one of the best investments I’ve made to date."

Jim Purgason
Owner & Operator

MaggieMoo's Ice Cream & Treatery
Richmond, VA

My employees and I love the features that WhenToWork.com offers. We are a start up company and are extremely busy with setting up all our operational procedures, marketing efforts and cost controls. Scheduling for 20 plus part time employees can take a lot of time that I currently don't have. WhenToWork.com has saved me time and alleviated the aggravation that this process creates. My employees are young and are comfortable with using Web in their daily lives. Offering them the opportunity to review and trade their schedules as well as request time off online has been very well received. The record keeping and tracking features are also of great benefit for all the official information I need to maintain. I would recommend WhenToWork.com to anyone that is looking to streamline a rather difficult process. The value we receive is well worth the price we pay for the capabilities on WhentoWork.com."

Terrence Chavis
DFW Scoops

  Ben & Jerry's
Dallas, TX

When2Work has greatly shortened the amount of time that I spend compiling the schedules each week especially now that we have multiple locations. We rarely have issues with schedule conflicts because everyone can input their time preferences ahead of time and this information is available when I am making the next week's schedule. Plus, the parents of our high school employees like it because they know when their children are scheduled to work and can always check to confirm their work schedule. When2Work is a great product and is a great improvement over scheduling by hand or spreadsheets."

Sue Miley

Coldstone Creamery
Brandon & Valrico, FL

My husband and I have 2 Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream stores and found out about W2W within a couple of months after opening over 5 yrs ago. What a time saver it has been to be able to publish schedules and communicate with employees at any time of day from my home computer. The crew that works for us say their friends that work elsewhere are actually jealous because they (our crew) have the use of W2W. I would like to commend your customer support personnel. When I send an e-mail with a question or issue, the response is always within a matter of minutes or hours."

Community Transit Scheduling

Josh Baker
Transportation Manager.

Community Transit - New River Valley Community Services
Blacksburg, VA

Our agency could not be more pleased with the WhenToWork system. It has proven itself to be reliable and very effective at handling our scheduling needs. We operate a transportation system for individuals with mental and physical challenges which often creates a constantly changing environment, WhenToWork suits us well in this as it allows constant changes with automatic notification to the employees. We struggled for years dealing with availability and matching the right employee to the right shifts, now with WhenToWork we can really automate the difficult parts of that process. Of course the support we receive is unparalleled - we can get answers to our questions and request changes to the software just about anytime, the staff at W2W respond very quickly! Thanks for the reliable and helpful service!"

Parks & Recreation / Aquatics Scheduling

Vera De Ferrari,
Program Coordinator

City of San Rafael
Community Pools
San Rafael, CA

I wanted to drop a quick note to you all in order to thank you for the wonderful upgrades and improvements to W2W – You have improved how we galvanize our staff and our ability to update and note changes in the staffing on a day to day basis.
We have noticed less absenteeism, more communication amongst our staff members, and a general improvement in our scheduling tactics. Thank you for all you do to increase your user interface and improve all the reports, views, trade boards, and the like. Our staff really enjoyed W2W and found it much easier than another platform we used last year. We look forward to working with you again next season! Cheers!

Steven D. Burke
Executive Director

William Shore Memorial Pool District
Port Angeles, WA

We are a recreational agency who has over 35 part time employees, which most are under 20 years old. We needed a system which can integrate texting, email and give the employees some choices in what shifts they work and be able to sign up to cover additional shifts. When to Works does all that and more.  We have saved time and money in scheduling, overtime and not violating minor work regulations.  The best part is When to Work has a great customer service dept. and responds very fast to any requests. Excellent investment and your scheduler and employees will love it."

Nicole Van Winkle
Aquatics Specialist

Conejo Recreation & Park District
Thousand Oaks, CA

Your program has been an immense blessing for our agency of four swimming pools and 150 lifeguards. The auto-fill and online availability are the most useful features to ensure a virtually error-free schedule!
I am a huge proponent of whentowork.com and spread the word to whoever will listen. Thank you!"

Jenny Billings
Aquatics Director

NOMAD Aquatics & Fitness
Huntersville, NC

My company has been using whentowork.com for 3 years now. We absolutely love it. It is easy to use and it enables us to stay organized. We use the system for everything - time off requests, weekly schedules as well as finding subs for our employees. We have found that no other system works as good as this because whentowork allows you to keep track of everything going on within it and it gives managers a sense of control from anywhere - any computer. It really teaches young people responsibility when it comes to their work schedules. Thank you so much! We are very pleased!"

Jason Cherry

Aquatica Pool Management, Inc.

Since all of my lifeguards are high school and college students, scheduling can be hectic to say the least. I no longer have to keep track of hours, shift trades, etc. When to Work is simply the easiest and most cost effective way to schedule employees that I have found. I wish I had found them a long time ago!"

Cheryl Gudauskas
Laguna Woods Village Aquatics Department

Professional Community Management
Laguna Woods, California

After using it since July 2005, I have most of my staff completely online, less paper schedules and better communication. There are very few scheduling errors and the ability to communicate with everyone has increased productivity and team cohesiveness. The company I work for is Professional Community Management at Laguna Woods Village. I run the Aquatics Department, with 5 locations...It is a very complicated scheduling process and this makes it a breeze. I continue to brag about this web site to everyone and you just keep getting better and better.  This web site saves me at least 10 hours a week on my scheduling!"

Jean Heasley,
Program Coordinator

City of Mustang
Mustang OK

Just wanted to let you know how much we love When to Work. I am currently using for our concession and aquatic staff. The Aquatic will be ending soon (seasonal operation) but we will be back in May. I will be spreading the word.  You have worked with us on billing, suggestion for improvements and more. It is easy to use for both the staff and managers. Thanks for providing great product and service."

Supported Living Services Scheduling

Kim Dodd
Executive Director

Trinity CHANGE, Inc
San Jose, CA

We are a small non-profit organization that provides supports to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities that choose to live in their own homes in the community. Due to the nature of our work – the vast majority of work occurs 1-1 in the supported individual’s home and in the community, communication and logistics related to staffing, scheduling and communicating to the employees used to be extremely difficult at best. When to Work offers an internet based, real-time link to our employees that gives everyone consistent access to schedules, general information related to our services, and the ability to communicate with each other easily and effectively. It also provides reports that confirm services provided and assists us with processing payroll for our employees. We have taken the basic functionality of the program, and customized it to our organization’s unique needs, at a cost that is affordable for us to sustain even in the midst of state funding cuts to our services."

Library Scheduling

Norma J Dowell,
Library Assistant IV, Instruction Department

Iowa State University Library
Ames, Iowa

For the Reference and Instruction Department at Iowa State University Library, WhenToWork has been the best application for organizing our department scheduling. I work with around 20 people with varying schedules that have to be puzzle-pieced into a working desk schedule. Their meetings, research time, time-off, course instruction, etc. all have to be considered when setting up a schedule for the semester. Anyone who has tried to arrange complex weekly schedules will find WhenToWork has truly taken all the guesswork out of building them:
- We have developed an extensive set of templates that help keep meeting rotations and base schedules clear
- The color codes make everything even clearer
- Employees make their own trades and do not need assistance from a manager when there are conflicts
- The autofill feature is a godsend when there are large holes to fill during major conferences
- Managers are in the loop about every change on the boards
- Everyone knows when there is a hole to fill (when someone is sick or there is an emergency)
This is one of the most intuitive and cost-effective applications on the market today. I highly recommend WhenToWork to any university library with a large staff in need of a web-based scheduling system."

Debbie Smith,
Library Resources Technician

Kwantlen University College
 B.C., Canada

As the system administrator in the library, I work with a variety of Helpdesks both internally to my institution and externally. I have to tell you that your support is the best I've ever seen! Your response time is phenomenal and I've yet to be dissatisfied with the quality or accuracy of your answers."

Michele Seipp

Lafayette Public Library
Lafayette, Colorado

Scheduling staff in libraries is very complicated, and this software accomplishes it handily. We'd never go back to the old way of creating schedules. Your support team has been very helpful when we've wanted to figure out how to push the system to solve a schedule need unique to us. Libraries really should look at your product, and the service is the speediest I have ever encountered!"

Advertising, Promotional Services Scheduling

Seana-Marie Weaver

Ace-ana Promotions
The Wine Rack

Ventura, California

When2Work has changed my life. I used to spend 2-3 hrs a week on the schedule with several part-timers needs to be fulfilled. With this software and the staff handling their own availability it makes my life so much easier. I now spend only 10-15 minutes on the schedule.  The best part is that when someone needs a shift covered it gets handled with the staff and sometimes I don't even need to be bothered. W2W you rock !"

Hospitality - Valet Scheduling

Bill Bodziak
Director of Operations

Extravagante Valet Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA

Extravagante Valet began using When To Work over two years ago in a new market with less than a dozen valets. Since then our staff has grown six fold in this market and When To Work has been an essential part of managing a dozen locations with a substantial staff including many students and the need for easy flexibility. The mobile access, ease of use, dependability and tracking functions have proved themselves time and time again. We will be implementing this innovative and essential tool throughout the company and will continue to proudly recommend W2W to many of our clients. We are confident that as our company grows so will When to Work and their consistent desire to accommodate the needs of their clients through tremendous customer service and receptiveness. We believe that creativity and suggestions will only create the incentive to be noticed and recognized as #1; this is what makes When To Work the best."

Patrick Knott

Lanier Parking Solutions
Atlanta Valet Operations www.lanierparking.com

I just wanted to write and thank you for providing my company with such an outstanding service...your service has made my job so much easier. Gone are the days of creating schedules on Excel or by hand. Gone are the days of calling every person on my schedule to give them their hours. Gone are the days of posting a schedule up at a specific location and then having to chase down tons of people to inform them of every single little change made. Now my employees can decide their own schedule, they can arrange to have their shifts covered themselves, they can access a current and up to date schedule anywhere anytime. So much work has been taken out of my hands that my time is freed up to focus on things like growing business and making my operations more profitable."

David Bryant
Director of Operations

MEDiPARK Valet Services
Dallas, Texas

WhenToWork is INCREDIBLE !!! Our business is built around being able to schedule 150 employees at multiple locations on a daily basis. We have tried many different software programs through the years and have always found it frustrating until we found WhenToWork. It is user friendly, adaptable and the support staff always responds quickly and we have yet to find anything that they are not willing to try to implement. We highly recommend WhenToWork.com"

Public Safety - Security - Police Scheduling

Jhovany Medrano Guzman, CPO
President & CEO

Sentinel Protection Services, Ltd.
Calgary, AB. Canada

We have been using when to work for about two years now and it is, by far, the best scheduling system we’ve ever used. I continue to ask myself “How did we ever managed schedule without it?” whentowork, or W2W as we call it, has become an essential, much needed part of our daily 24/7 security operation. What a great tool to have, and even better is the swift, friendly and professional support we receive from the customer support team. Thank you all for making our scheduling needs a breeze."

Student Safety Service Coordinator
WhenToWork has been an invaluable tool in our organization. Our service is comprised completely by students that demand a highly flexible schedule so that they can focus on their number one priority, being a student. As such, WhenToWork allows our personnel manager the ability to rapidly alter schedules and the students can see the changes almost instantly.
Between the flexibility and the software’s inherent features, such as setting availabilities, time-off requests, and the trade board, we have seen a tremendous reduction in attendance problems. Truly an excellent product and excellent customer service."

Mike Bitton

Winthrop Harbor Police Department
Winthrop Harbor, Illinois

Thanks again for the great program...
WhenToWork has really increased our efficiency and virtually eliminated instances of people 'not knowing' when to work
due to changes, etc."

Steve Franklin
Vice President

Elite Protective Services
Chandler, AZ

We discovered WhenToWork about a year and a half ago and it has reduced our scheduling cost and time spent on scheduling by more than 80%. It has given us numerous benefits with the various options to communicate to our employees like bulletin boards, messaging, broadcast emergency messaging, etc. Everything we need to know about our client contracts and our employees is now available at our fingertips and easily assessable world wide wherever there is an Internet connection. With our supervisors out in the field with laptops and wireless cards we have the ability to make changes to scheduling quickly and efficiently as needed and to notify the employee immediately via e-mail and alert paging.
I have reviewed numerous other online scheduling programs in the past and found WhenToWork to be the most user friendly...and continue to take customer input and continually upgrade their system making it more effective and giving the customers more value....customer support is phenomenal with response times typically within minutes.
I do not see us using any other type of scheduling program except WhenToWork for many years to come. Thank you to WhenToWork and its team for the outstanding job on this program and your high level of customer service!"

Museum Scheduling

Whitney Hughes,
Guest Services Assistant Manager

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
Fort Worth, Texas fwmuseum.org

WhenToWork has greatly enhanced the proficiency of our scheduling process when opened our brand new facility. Increasing our staff from 10 to 70 was a daunting task but with the help of this incredible program any apprehension in the mind of management or employee was quickly removed. When working in Guest Services, efficiency of both time and energy is key -- I have never had an experience when I haven't had a response from the support group within a few hours.”

Paula Burdge
Director of Visitor Service, The Magic House

St. Louis Children’s Museum
St. Louis, Missouri

You have the best system I have found to replace my old way of scheduling! With about 80 part time high school and college students that work for me schedules used to be time consuming. Their schedules change as much as my staffing needs! Between the school year programs and the summer activities that we offer things can get busy. My staff loves being able to do everything on line that you offer and I love all the components that you offer that work for my unique staffing needs. Thanks for listening to feedback too."

Brenda Smith
Visitor Experience Manager

Stepping Stones
Museum for Children

I have found WhenToWork to be a valuable scheduling tool. With a mostly part time college age staff, it is easy, very flexible and accessible to all. The trade function is key in our line of work since we depend on a full staff at all times, and the staff can take that responsibility on themselves.
The staff at WhenToWork have been very quick to respond to questions or issues and are so very helpful. I would certainly recommend WhenToWork for any company's scheduling needs."

Hotel & Inn Scheduling

Dennis Cichelly
General Manager

The Wellington Inn
Sioux Lookout ON Canada

Wow. I have been working with the program and find it easy to work with. If I am stuck with something your support team is right there and guides me. The schedules are easy to make and maintain and I find it easy to maneuver the program. Less paper work, less frustration. I have paid for the next three months after having used it for only one schedule. Wish I had found this program a long time ago. Gotta tell, I love it."


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