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After your 30 day free trial you can choose to continue your account by paying a low subscription fee (in US dollars) to extend your account. If you decide not to continue your trial account, it will simply expire with no further action necessary.


Invoices can created by any scheduling manager with a login from their SETTINGS>Payments page by entering the expected employee total and the duration needed. You can also print paid invoices of previous payments from that page.

If you would like to have us create an invoice for you, please email billing@when2work.com and be sure to include: the needed employee total, the duration you want to pay and the account number.

Credit Card payment

We accept most credit cards including
AMEX Corp Purchasing Cards
Credit card payments must be made online, either directly through your secure account interface or by using our secure payment form.

Any scheduling manager with a login can make a payment from their SETTINGS>Payments page by choosing the duration and entering the expected employee total and then clicking "Pay Online.".

To make a credit card payment without a manager login please contact a manager on the account and have them create an invoice for you so that you know the account number and needed payment amount and then use our secure online payment form.  Confirmation of payment will be emailed to you.

Payment by Check

Checks can be sent to our address below and must include a copy of the invoice or the account number.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can be sent to us at billing@when2work.com or mailed to our address below.
NOTE that we do not extend the account until the actual check is received so please be sure the PO terms ensure the check will arrive before the account expiration date to ensure uninterrupted access.

Upgrading to a Higher Employee Level

Any scheduling manager on the account can upgrade the subscription level from their SETTINGS>Upgrade page by choosing to either move the expiration date or pay a prorated amount to cover the higher level for the rest of the subscription.  If you add more employees than your paid level you will be prompted on your manager homepage to delete some employees or upgrade.

Mailing Address & Fax Number

WhenToWork, Inc.                    fax (866) 487-3922
360 E 1st St #301              
Tustin, CA 92780

Questions?  Please email billing@when2work.com.


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