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Award given for outstanding use of technology to improve both customer service and internal operations. Blacksburg Transit applied the WhenToWork software and adapted it to reflect the unique shift structure and large part time operator base. Scheduling has been reduced to one master source, and implementation has shown an overall reduction in open and unfilled shifts.

VA Transit Association

Awarded to:
Blacksburg Transit (BT)
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As a business and technology consultant, I always look for best-in-class solutions for client problems. Scheduling is a problem faced by many firms today, especially with the increased reliance on independent contractors.
WhenToWork's scheduling solution is the best scheduling solution I've seen. It provides an incredible array of options to accommodate even the most difficult scheduling. However, as a consultant that works with world-class firms, I have very high standards for service and support. WhenToWork's support services are outstanding. Every question I've had has been answered by a real person with a real answer in a timely manner, without exception. I highly recommend WhenToWork without hesitation to anyone seeking a great scheduling tool.

Susan Snedaker,
Principal Consultant & Author of:
How to Cheat At IT Project Management

Virtual Team
Tuscon, Arizona

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