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You choose whether employees can set their own work time preferences. They can set their "prefer," "dislike" and even "cannot work" times.

Know who actually would prefer to work any shift, not just whether they are available or not.

Assign shifts manually or harness the power of our proprietary "AutoFill" that can assign employees with one click based on work time preferences and approved time off and other constraints you have set.

import autofill publish done

publish and everyone is notified of their new schedule

When you are ready - publish your schedules and everyone is automatically notified by email and text message.

You can see who has confirmed or viewed their latest schedule.

You set what employees can see and do online. Allow them to use Tradeboard or pick up open shifts with manager approval or "at will."

Easily make shift changes and find the best replacements in a matter of seconds.

You immediately know who actually prefers to work at that time.

Affected employees are instantly notified of changes.

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