Feature rich, easy to use!

Quickly create varied or repeating schedules each week for one or more locations. Add shifts or import them from a template.

Manually assign employees or let our powerful "AutoFill" make the very best assignments with one click, preventing overtime and any conflicts with preferences.

Drag/drop interface makes it easy to make adjustments. Or you can let employees log in and choose the shifts they want.

checkmark Optimum schedules
checkmark Easy time off
checkmark Fast scheduling

checkmark 12 configureable layouts
checkmark View from anywhere
checkmark Control others' views

Schedules can be viewed in a variety of configurable formats: graphical, calendar, list, chart. Hourly, daily, weekly, multiple weeks and monthly options are available.  List by employee, position or time.

View all or part of the schedule, ex. view different jobs or locations alone or combined.

View schedules on your computer, tablet or phone.

Print schedules to a pdf or your printer or export to text files for use in other systems.

Quick changes are a breeze. Click a shift to instantly see who would be the best choice for a replacement. Or unassign it and have it go to the tradeboard for employees to pick up.

Drag/drop shifts to move or copy them and affected employees can be immediately notified of the change by email and text.

Employees can request time off and if approved the schedule is immediately updated.


checkmark Quick shift changes

checkmark Find the best replacements

checkmark Automatic notifications


checkmark Status of who knows schedule

checkmark Track daily, weekly, monthly statistics

checkmark Check for changes & conflicts

Know at a glance which employees have viewed their schedule and confirmed receipt.

View extensive information about recent shift and schedule changes.

Be notified immediately of other managers' changes

Set up advanced text & email notifications

Additional features

  • Upload your company logo
  • Create varied or repeating employee schedules each week
  • Add shifts, copy from a previous week or template online quickly
  • Drag/Drop interface for easy shift changes or cloning
  • Manually or automatically assign shifts and know who is available and prefers that time
  • Or let employees choose the shifts they want online
  • Time off information is always available
  • Multiple locations / departments show together or separately
  • Free mobile apps to create schedules from any smartphone
  • Add unlimited other managers and set their permissions
  • Employees can view published schedules from their own login
  • Schedules can also be viewed in Google Calendar, Outlook & on phones
  • Instant notifications sent via email and text message
  • Schedule reminders can be sent any time
  • Twelve different configurable schedule views
  • Locations & departments can be viewed separately or together
  • Control what managers and employee can see and do
  • Company Bulletin Board available
  • Employee Tradeboard can allow shift trades/pickups
  • Log in via computer or mobile device to make schedule changes
  • Notifications can be automatically sent when changes are made
  • Finding replacements is easy - know who prefers that time
  • Send Urgent Text Alert for instant contact with employees
  • Allow employees to log in to pick up open shifts
  • Allow employees to trade shifts and set up their own replacements
  • Employees can request time off and if approved will update schedule
  • Control what managers and employees can do and see
  • Extensive notification options for managers & employees
  • Track which employees have seen & confirmed schedules
  • Print & export data for all or just certain departments/locations
  • Track changes made to schedules, see who made changes and when
  • View schedule statistics and check for conflicts
  • Export schedule data for use in other programs (payroll, etc.)
  • Export automatically updated schedules to Google Calendar & Outlook

and many more, all included with your subscription

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