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How do I get credit for referring people to WhenToWork?
When you apply to become an Affiliate you will receive an Affiliate number and special link code which can be used on a web site or in an e-mail.  This link creates a cookie on the referral's computer so that if they create a trial within 30 days and then become a paid member your Affiliate account will get credit. If your referrals create a new trial account (or you create one for them) you can see them listed on your Active Trials page. You can also have customers you refer enter your affiliate number or alias into the "Referred By" field if they start their own 30 day trial.

Can I create a free trial for a referral?
Yes, you can either have your referral go to http://WhenToWork.com and create their own free trial or you can create a free trial for them from your "Create a Free Trial" page. When you set up a free trial for a referral sign in instructions are automatically e-mailed to them.  You can then look at your Active Trials page and see that free trial listed and also the last date the referral has logged in to the account.
How do I add a link to my web site so that I will get credit for the referral?
The "Promotional Tools" page contains the proper code to use to display a text or image link that includes your Affiliate Number.

What is an Affiliate "Alias"?
Once you are an affiliate, you also can log in and create "Aliases" that allow you to tell people to go to http://WhenToWork.com and then enter your alias name in the "referred by" box when they request a free trial.  This way you will get credit for having referred them when then become a paid member.

What if I have a number of methods of promoting WhenToWork and I want to track which ones are most successful?
On the Promotional Tools page you can create special links that include a "Sales ID" which is added to the code for you.  Your commission pages will display the sales ID so that you can track which link the referral clicked.  You can also create an "Alias" (see above) which can contain a sales id.

What am I allowed to do to promote WhenToWork?
Please review our Affiliate Agreement for the details. You may not use any means that are unlawful or unethical, including spamming, posting to chat rooms, blogs, etc.

How are the commissions calculated?
Each referral you send to us will get a free thirty day trial account so thirty days after the trial is requested would be the first day of their paid service if they pay to continue. You will be paid 20% of what the referral pays to cover their service for the first (paid) year. 

Example 1:
Referral starts a free trial Jan. 1, 2012  on Jan 15 they pay for one year of service. You will receive 20% of their payment amount. No further commissions are earned on this account.

Example 2:
Referral starts a free trial Jan. 1, 2012 and pays for six months.  Then they decide to pay for a year.  You will receive 20% of the year payment prorated to cover the remaining 6 months of the first year.

You will receive 20% of whatever amount the referral pays for service for the time between their trial expiration date plus one year, not on the amount they pay within that year (for example if they pay ahead for beyond the first year this is not included).

How can I earn 25%?
If in any calendar year you accrue $600 of commissions your commission rate for the remainder of the calendar year will increase to 25%.  January first your commission level returns to 20% until you accrue $600 in that year.

What if one of my referrals receives a free month of service?
You are paid a commission for the first 12 months of paid service.  The free trial period and any free extensions we may choose to grant to the referral do not count against you.  For example, if the customer pays for 6 months, then we grant them a free month's extension, then they pay for another 6 months, you will receive a full commission on the first 6 month commission and a full commission on the 2nd 6 month payment.

What if a Referral gets a refund?
If one of your referred customers receives a refund of any amount paid towards their first year of service which you received a commission on, we will charge you the prorated commission amount and reduce any future commissions accordingly.

Questions? Please email affiliate@when2work.com.

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